Welcome to Cat’s Cradle

Offering both boarding and grooming for your kitties, your cat will receive loving care in the hands of our experienced professionals. At Cat’s Cradle we are focused on providing high-quality care, service and the highest level of customer satisfaction possible when caring for your cat kids.We will do everything we can to make sure your experience with Cat’s Cradle is a pleasurable one for both you and your cat.


Whether your cat needs a comfy pillow, some one-on-one TLC or has special medical needs, we will happily make sure your cat receives the individual care he or she requires.We offer many different play areas where our kids are invited to play on lots of cat furniture, climb on our life sized old oak tree or just take a nap on the couches. Read more


For our long haired furry friends, our kitty spa provides combing, bathing, nail trims, and precision shaving, if needed.  We offer medicated shampoos for a variety of skin conditions.  Even our short hair kids need the occasional bath.These services can be completed each morning, just call to schedule an appointment 6 days a week. Or, if you are boarding your kitty, we will make sure your kitty is groomed to your specific needs, while you are on vacation.